Kuyahoora Kickers

Runners of the Kuyahoora Valley in Central New York

SINCE 1982


Our Story

The Kuyahoora Kickers is running club founded in 1982. There are no officers, no mission statement, no rules, laws or guideline as well as no dues. We do not hold meetings - we gather, we run, we socialize. Our abilities are wide ranged, from very competitive to "just for fitness".



The Towpath Trail Run 2018 Application

THe Lions Ramble 10K 2018 Application

The Smoky Hollow Half Marathon SmokY

We host multipe events throughout the year including the Beer and Chili Run 5K/10K (February), The Towpath Trail Run 2mi/10K (May), The Lions Ramble 2mi/10K (June) and The Newport Fields days run 5K (July). 

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Weekly Runs

As a group we run every Thursday of the year at 6:00pm - every Thursday, with only one exception, Thanksgiving. We all determine our courses, distances and speeds that we'll run on that evening. We meet at the Newport Telephone Co. on Bridge Street. We will all run different routes, different distances and different paces - everyone can be comfortable.

Want to join? Just show up on a Thursday and you're in....





The Hall of Legends

The following Kickers have reached legend status